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    Hello, my ds is a freshman and has a 4 yr scholarship. He has determined that this is not the right path for him. We are still in discussions with him about this decision, but the one question that is important is the actual cost of this decision from an educational standpoint. Our other ds is an MSIII so we have some understanding of the process. My question is, does he have until the first day of his sophmore year to leave the program without any payback to the Army? Even as a contracted 4yr scholarship awardee? He understands he needs to contact his pms about this but is hesitant to do that yet. Any input will be appreciated.
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    According to the DOD Form 597-3, the obligation (for an MS-I) begins "...after the first day of my MS-II year (sophomore year)."

    Reading the above leads me to believe that you COULD give notice on the first day of MS-II, but I would certainly not choose to cut it that close. Perhaps the best time would be at the end of this Spring semester.

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    Is there any chance he might change his mind and return for his MSII year? Then wait until nearer the end of summer break to notify cadre. Is there any summer training that he might get, like CIET? That might make the decision easier.
    Not sure what you are asking here.
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