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    My cadet was informed that the legacy moves that allows cadets to transfer to the squadron of their parents, siblings is not being allowed this year. Can anyone confirm this? I know this meant quite a bit to my cadet and one tradition that adds more to the USAFA experience to the legacy cadets and grads.
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    My squad just found out today that legacy squad info has to be provided by Friday.
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    Email sent to all the Parent's Clubs:

    Subject: Cadet Legacy Squadron Policy change starting 2016 class

    Below is some information in reference to the change of the Cadet legacy program.

    The main reason that our changes to the legacy squadron program have not been better communicated is because the changes are still being worked. At one time we were considering eliminating the legacy squadron program altogether, and as the program continues to grow each year, elimination is a real possibility for the future. That is not the case this year.

    As you know, we have moved the shuffle from after the 4 degree year to after the 3 degree year. We are selecting our leaders out of the shuffling class and moving them into squadrons versus selecting our squadron leadership from an unknown entity such as the incoming, randomly shuffled class. Following this operationalization, we will balance the squadrons (gender, diversity, athletes, GPA, MPA, discipline challenges, etc.) and accommodate legacy
    requests from linear family and siblings to the maximum extent possible. So it is partially true that we are changing the priority of the legacy program, formerly the first priority, to move it more in line with the operational needs of the wing, but it is not an elimination of the program. I believe we will be able to accommodate most, if not all of the requests, but this is a very labor intensive process that has yet to occur.

    BL: We will accommodate the operational needs of the Cadet Wing to meet our summer leadership needs, provide balanced squadrons, and honor legacy requests to the maximum extent possible.

    Please feel free to pass this on as necessary. As any further clarification and changes occur, we will be sure to pass them on once we have worked our internal processes.

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