letter of assurance


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Feb 14, 2009
Is a letter of assurance different than being notified that you are academically eligible?

I received my LOA last week and my only outstanding item was my medical exam and I was cleared as qualified today. Should my appointment be coming soon?
Hi, yes a letter of assurance is different from the academically qualified letter. The letter of assurance has bold print saying "guaranteed offer of appointment" provided you fullfil the checked items (such as nomination, medical, etc.)
If you got medically qualified today, and have that LOA, you need to sit tight. It takes about two to three weeks for the appointment to be processed. They may be moving a little quicker, but two weeks seems to be it. Our son got med. waiver on Jan 28, and appt. arrived on Feb 14. The academy will give your nominating source the opportunity to call you and congratulate you first, so you might be getting such a call in about 1.5 weeks. Congratulations!