Letter of Rec vs. Employer's Eval

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    Hi there! I have a question concerning the application process.

    For all of the other schools for which I have been applying to which I have sent letters of recommendation (including USAFA and my MOC), my boss has usually written one of the letters. USMA, however has its own form for an employer's evaluation. The thing is, when I compare my employer's recommendation letter to what the eval form asks for, I prefer the letter of recommendation. A lot of details and specific examples of my demonstrations of character and leadership in the letter of recommendation are left out by simply rating my qualities on a scale of 1-5 on the eval form.

    Would it help me more to have him simply fill out the form and submit it, or for me to submit his recommendation letter? Or should I do both (seems a little redundant)? I am leaning towards the letter, but I just want to be sure that my employer is actually allowed to send the letter instead of the eval form.

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    I don't see why having both would hurt you. I had my employer just fill out the evaluation but that was only because I have three letters uploaded on my file. Otherwise I would have asked if he would write me a letter.

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