Letters of rec questions


Nov 27, 2016

I am planning to apply to the Naval Academy next year but have a few questions about letters of recs.

So, like most people, I am planning to apply to the academy through all four possible nomination sources. Now, each of them ask for letters of rec. Since the letters are not sent to everyone as a whole, should we ask that the person writing the rec send a copy to each individual nomination source? For example, in my district, my congress person has a set form for the recommendation but the senators don’t.

How should this issue be approached? Thank you in advance.

For this year I had my teachers who wrote actual letters for the senator(s) make extra copies and attach them to the form for the Rep as an added bonus. It always looks better to have a form and letter and requires no extra writing on their part.

As for sending them my reps (being in good ol Texas required them to be mailed not emailed) therefore I had the writers print them and put it all in individual cards and HAVE THEM SIGN THE SEAL, this shows that you did not handle or modify the letter. Then the app, rec letters, and etc papers go in a large envelope and is mailed as one unit. However if you want to send the letters individually (reps dont like this because too much loose paperwork) then make sure its stamped, sent, and signed by the writer to show authenticity.