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    Its from my understanding after looking on nominations sites that I need 3 letters or recommendation, however they want me to send all of the information at once. How I am i supposed to do this, in other words how should i ask the recommendars to write a letter, should they just give it to me with three copies or what?
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    First of all, I believe that most, if not all of the applications for the nominations want your letters of rec to be sealed. When I was going through the process myself, I asked my three people that after they wrote them, to give them back to me in sealed envelopes so I could mail them. Then I took it to UPS (Can use USPS Priority Mail or FedEx also) and put all of them in an envelope, and mailed them. It is a little more expensive but I believe it was well worth it to pay for a signature to be required on delivery. When I paid for that signature, it gives me an added peace of mind and a "paper trail," that they were delivered and were received/signed for by a member of the Congressman/Senators staff.

    Hope that this answered your question, and good luck!
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    What I did for all of my Letters of Recommendation, even for the Common App. colleges and scholarships, was to write a cover letter stating why I wanted to attend a school/ receive a scholarship and give the letter writer info to "copy and paste" into their recommendation. I also included a list of all the due dates I knew of at the moment as well as a copy of an unofficial transcript and my resume. Each time I needed to add a letter of recommendation I updated the list of dates and gave it to the teacher/coach. Make sure to include a pre-addressed envelope and stamp with all of your requests if they are paper versions.

    Good Luck!
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    Contact nominating source directly. DD had different requests/expectations from each of her senators and congressman. A common way to handle recommendations is to have them seal the envelope and sign over the seal. This also works for transcripts.