Liaison Officer?


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Jan 8, 2009
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any information about contacting a liaison officer and congressman (i kind of know what a liaison officer is, but not really)? I'm only a sophomore and people said i should start by introducing myself to both of those people, and telling them my plans. Also, if anyone has any suggestion on what i can say, like if i sent a letter, that would be really helpful. Thank you all so much.
Your liason officer is the military officer who will guide you through the application process. The best way to find your liason officer is to ask your school guidance department because usually liason officers work with a few different schools, or you could ask someone at your school that is applying now, theirs will most likely be the same as yours. As for your Congressional representative, you need to go onto a state website and find out what congressional district you live in, then you will be able to get contact information for your representative. I would recomend perhaps volunteering with them for a few months so they can associate your name with a face. I didn't do that but I know some people said that that worked for them. I don't think you need to write a letter yet, they are still dealing with the classes of 2013 and 2014 before they can help you very much.
woodingsjg.2011, have you visited West Point's admission page and registered to be on their mailing list?

The most important thing you can do to prepare for West Point is to follow their Steps to Admission.

You can also visit your Congressman's and Senators' websites to see when/if they have an Academy Day (information day) scheduled this spring.

Welcome to the Service Academy Forums and Good Luck as you prepare to apply to West Point!
Thanks, I've already signed up for the mailing list, and i'll be sure to talk to our school's guidance department. Thank you all so much!
I would also suggest you begin looking for Academy Day held at local Colleges and Universities. My son and I attended an Academy Day in September of his Junior year where he met his Liaison Officer. It definitely gets you started on the right foot.