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    Hey everyone,

    So I'm going to be a self-prep at MMI next year. Worst case, if I don't get another appointment or nom to West Point afters spending a year at MMI, what other options are there for me?

    My parents are worried about that. I won't get an appointment and then I'll be "stuck in life." They want me to go to a regular civilian 4 year university but I insisted that I go to MMI and try again for West Point.

    What other options will there be for me if I don't get into West Point next year?
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    That is a real possibility.

    At MMI you'll increase your standardized test scores and fine tune your academic skills. When you're finished with MMI more doors will open up. As your Plan B!!!

    At MMI you'll get an opportunity to me with a WP admissions rep and they will attach a name to a face. When you go for your NOM you'll be taken more seriously because you are better prepared and took the effort to improve. They select people who will finish and serve.


    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    Have you looked into the senior military colleges? That might have more of an appeal to you than a typical 4 year university.

    You could also apply for an Army ROTC scholarship (or try for a campus based sideload while there).

    You can reapply to WP from the SMC, or you might discover you like it where you are and choose to stay, and commission into the Army in 2021 - the same as you would have if you'd gone to WP this fall.

    A senior military college could be the answer you're looking for - a 4 year university that will make your parents more comfortable, a chance to improve yourself for another application to WP, and it will have the military environment you desire.
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    Some real good advice has been offered. SMC would be a great option. Norwich University, Citadel, etc are real good schools. And, looking at a SMC will offer more undergrad degree options. And as mentioned, your parents would be more comfortable since these are 4 year schools.
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    Good luck. MMI credits transfer if USMA doesn't work out. Obviously I can't speak to your case, but self-preps position themselves well. Hang with the SAP students. Most of them are there for their goal of SA. Some of the other students don't have that goal and (shall we say) enjoy some other pursuits, which can reflect on and affect you if you're with them. That situation occurred to a SAP candidate in DS's prep class.
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    Marion is part of the Alabama Community College System. The credits will easily transfer to a university like Alabama or Auburn which have great ROTC programs.
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    DS is a self prep at MMI now. Best decision! I have only grown more impressed with their program as time has gone on. If your parents are hesitant, take the time to visit . It was a very last minutes decision for our DS as we did not hear from our academy until very late April.

    They want their program to grow so they have a vested interest in wanting the candidates to succeed. If you know what areas you need to improve, or if your parents have concerns in a certain area, ask what they have in place . The SAP coordinator was extremely helpful, informative and responsive to our calls/questions as we had no time to visit in person.

    Take advantage of applying for the scholarships on their website. Out of state costs are lowered dramatically with these. If you excel academically you may be recommended for tutoring and you can earn money while you are there.

    Feel free to send a pm if you or your parents have questions.

    Great decision on your part, you will not regret it!