Likelihood of medical waiver?


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Nov 13, 2008

Thank you for all this information, very helpful.

My boy is applying to the AFA but just got "medically disqualified" I think because of a history of asthma. He had the methacholine test and the administering doctor said it did not indicate asthma. Guess the DOD interpreted it differently?

Anyway, he has not had any problems since 12, no meds, no doctor visits.

He's a stong candidate, seven AP classes senior year (yes, seven), GPA 4.3, 33 ACT, sport, leadership, CAP.

I know we need to request a waiver, but just wondering if the group has any suggestions, experience, encouragement, discouragement. Boy is sending email to Larry Mullen, so thank you Mr. Mullen in advance.

Good luck to all.:thumb:
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The medical info you provided does not jive with a DQ....Service Academies NO longer require the applicant to request a waiver. If the applicant is competitve for an offer of appointment, Admissions will direct medical waiver consideration be initiated. I'll wait to hear from your son, so I can provide a more accurate assessment.:thumb:
Mr. Mullen, thank you for your help, son got a letter of assurance in the mail today. Thanks for making sure things got where they need to be in timely fashion. Working on the nomination. Again, thank you for your help. Happy Thanksgiving. Off we go...
U R entirely welcome. Happy Thanksgiving:thumb: