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    I have been frequenting this forum for about a year, and I think it would be helpful to those who are new if we had a list of some of the common acronyms that are used. Please add on if I forgot any. *Sorry about the misspelling in the title! Woops...

    TWE- Thin White Envelope, typically it is used to refer to the rejection letter because they arrive in that manner.

    BFE- Big Fat Envelope, the envelope in which the candidate who is accepted received their appointment folder, and related information. Mine came in a large yellow manila envelope. However, I don't know if there is some standard.

    MOC- Member of Congress, in order to attend West Point, Annapolis, Merchant Marine Academy, or Airforce, you must obtain a nomination from your representative or senators. There are other nominating sources, but MOC primarily refers to a member of congress.

    QQQ or Triple Q'd- This refers to being scholastically, medically, and physically qualified for admittance. All three are necessary in order to gain admittance.

    DoDMERB- Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board. The agency responsible for making sure you are medically qualified

    NASS- Naval Academy Summer Seminar, a week long program at Annapolis during the summer for rising high school seniors who wish to learn more about the Academy.

    USNA- United States Naval Academy

    USMA- United States Military Academy

    USAFA- United States Air Force Academy (catch the trend) :)

    USCGA-United States Coast Guard Academy

    USMMA- United States Merchant Marine Academy

    DD or DS- While I don't have an official definition, typically these are used to refer to one's daughter or son.

    SAT or ACT- You should know but they are the test required for admissions ( at minimum one of the two)

    USMC- United States Marine Corps
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    I believe if you search you will find this thread has been done.
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    Great job Katrina514! :thumb:
    There's an acronym thread in the Community Info. forum, but these are most of the common ones I see in the USNA forum.
    A year ago, who would have thought that I would casually say words like "DoDMERB" in the course of regular conversation, but now it happens fairly often! :rolleyes:
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    I believe DS and DD mean Dear Son and Dear Daughter.

    I know all the new members will appreciate this

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