LOA and Bowl Game


Nov 22, 2016
For Christmas this year my older brother purchased tickets for the Military Bowl Game in Annapolis! This was such an awesome present and I’m actually on my way up there right now! This morning I woke up to an email from the Naval Academy stating I have received an LOA that is contingent on passing my medical exam. This was incredible and could not be any happier! If anyone has any questions about myself and my application I will gladly answer them! Happy Holidays! Go Navy! Beat Virginia!
Congratulations! I hope you have your long johns and heavy socks and sweaters with you. It's going to be cold in Annapolis tomorrow! High of 27 degrees.
DH went to game in down heavy-weight parka, thermal layers, hiking socks, Irish fisherman’s sweater, flannel-lined LL Bean jeans, and other accessories.

I gutted it out at home on the sofa with port and starboard napping (and heat-sharing) boxers tucked under each arm.

Wish I could retro-apply all those excess points to the immediately preceding game.