LOA and Competitive Slate Nomination

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    Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I am confused on how an LOA works when the MOC provides AFA with a competitive slate. If a candidates name appears on the list of 10, is that considered as having a nomination? Or, do you have to be the one person selected off of that list by the academy in order to have received a nomination?

    So, if you have an LOA and it states you must receive a nomination, is it enough that you are one of the ten names that your MOC submitted? Reason I ask, is because I assume that it is entirely possible that there could be more than one LOA in a MOC district or state.

    If all it takes is to be on the list of ten, then how do the academies account or slot these candidates if the MOC only has one spot to fill?
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    With an LOA, you just need a nomination. So, if ou've got an LOA and you're on the list of ten nominations that the Rep/Sen sends into the academy, you are going to get an appointment.

    If fact, if the MOC staff was smart, and knew you had a LOA already, they could send in a Principal and Competitive Alternates list with another candidate as the Principal. The Principal should get in and also the competitive alternate with the LOA. Even if the MOC had only one slot that year, two would get in. The second would just be charged to another source such as Secretary of the Air Force.

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