LOA and Letters of Rec


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Nov 26, 2016

I have completed everything in my application except the BGO interview, and my math teacher still has to complete his letter of recommendation. I also just took my eye and physical exam for DoDMERB. My question is am I eligible to get an LOA if the interview or my last letter of recommendation has not yet been completed? I have contacted my BGO to schedule an interview time, and I have also sent the email to my math teacher for his rec in June. Maybe I should remind my math teacher about it? The last time I mentioned it to him was last week, and I recently emailed my BGO this week.

Thanks for helping me out.
An LOA can be awarded at anytime in the admissions process. It would outline what items must be completed in order to receive an appointment. Focus on preparing for your interview and getting your Nom packages in. If an LOA happens, great. If it doesn't, you are in the same position as the large majority of candidates. If you spoke to your teacher last week did they provide an estimated date they would complete it by?
As NavyHoops said above, the LoA should not even be on your mind. If you get one, it will be a pleasant surprise. If you don't get one, it won't matter because it is not the end goal.
Thank you all for the replies! I am working on my nom packets, and I only have to complete one of my senators and the vice president one.