LOA Concern


Nov 22, 2016
A couple days ago I received notice that I had received an LOA. It is conditional on me passing my DoDMERB. I have had all of my medical exams. However, there was a delay, caused by reasons unknown to me, between the sending of one of my exams. It was not until two days before Christmas that I received news that it was finally under review. On my LOA is states that all required materials must be submitted before Feb. 1 in order to keep the LOA. I am not nervous about the review being completed by Feb 1. I am nervous about receiving a waiver for a shoulder surgery that took place around a year and a half ago. If I am sent to the waiver process will my chances at receiving an appointment be harmed? I emailed my regional admissions officer and informed him of this situation. I would just like to see what you all, who have been through the process, can tell me. Thank you!


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Jul 13, 2011
You will be fine. Your DoDMERB will be processed in time. Remember if a waiver is needed, USNA will issue it, not DoDMERB.