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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Livinlarger, Sep 29, 2009.

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    This is is just a question out if curiosity, it doesn't apply to us. If you recieve an LOA contingent upon passing the CFA, how would the candidate know if they passed it or not? In other words, how would they know they met the requirements of the LOA? Does the Academy contact them and say, "sorry" or "congradulations"?

    Again this is just curiosity after reading several other posts about LOA's.

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    In a case like this, if the CFA is not passed the candidate can expect to be contacted by Admissions. They will offer the candidate to re-take the CFA. If the candidate comes up short in one or two areas they sometimes give advice to the candidate on making improvements and may suggest a personal trainer or excercise regimine. If failure to pass is due to an injury, Admissions will allow as much time as possible for the candidate to recover.Admissions wants the candidate to pass but when all is said and done if the candidate cannot pass the CFA - there won't be an appointment forthcoming.
    Any candidate who can't pass the CFA and won't put the time and effort into it to produce a passing score is very high risk. The APFT must be taken and passed each semester - Cadets have been separated for repeatedly failing the APFT and some even have been not allowed to graduate or commission for failure.

    If the candidate does submit a passing CFA - the appointment will be in the mail.

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