LOA Expiration date


Jun 2, 2017
Hi. DD got an LOA in September. With everything else complete, the only requirement was to get a Nom. It said that she must do this by Feb 1st.

MA is known to be slow with Noms. She has a Senatorial interview next week, but she got a call on Xmas eve from our Congressman telling her that she was at the top of his slate. (From his website, he does not appear to rank his slate, so I assume it will be competitive.) Once the congressman submits his slate, will this fulfill the requirement of getting a nomination?

We were told that she is the only USNA candidate in the district with an LOA, but I have read that the academy will wait for all apps in a slate to be completed before making a decision (Jan 31?). And even after that, they may wait to see if there are other nomination sources that could be used.

Is she at risk of losing her LOA? Should she reach out to Admissions?
She is fine. MOC noms are due by 1/31. So as long as she is one slate for any of her MOCs she will fulfill the nomination requirement. Remember even if they contact her if the Nom, it doesn’t mean the slate has been sent yet. Once her portal updates with the Nom that means USNA has received it. An appointment should be coming after that.