LOA Expiration


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Sep 24, 2017
I was recently just informed by my field force officer that I will be receiving a Letter of Assurance. I have heard that these expire after a certain time. The day after I was informed about the LOA, I got an email to schedule my dodmerb. Unfortunately, the earliest exam date I could get for the main exam is on November 2nd, because every date prior is booked. How long do they give you to complete the rest of your application before the LOA expires? I just submitted my essays, which were my last part other than the dodmerb.
Typically it will be late in the spring. As long as you get everything completed by the application deadline you should be fine.
DS received a LOA last year in September and it had two deadlines. The first was for an essay and a teacher's evaluation on October 31st. I imagine this one will vary based on when the LOA is sent. The main deadline was April 15th where everything (Medical Qualification and Appointment) had to be completed. You should have time with the November exam date but stay on top of everything from that point on as the process can drag on. If you need any medical issues requiring additional testing or a waiver, the process can get lengthy and push toward the deadline. DS required waivers and it stretched thing out until late March.
Best of luck!
The deadline will be written on the LOA and will become obvious when you receive it in the mail. Schedule your exam as early as possible and hope you don't run into problems.