LOA Snail Mail/Portal


USMA 2022
Oct 29, 2017
Does an LOA appear in your portal after coming via snail mail? Mine hasn't yet, which is unusual considering that USMA is typically speedy with paperwork and my letters have normally shown up on the portal before being sent in the mail. Can anybody tell me if it will appear in my portal and why it hasn't yet?

Thanks! :)
DD is in the same boat, got her LOA a couple of weeks ago, but it does not show up on the portal. No worries though, I have read that sometimes it never shows up! Congrats and keep working!
I received my LOA in early September (through the mail) and it never appeared in my portal.
My DS got his LOA in August and it has never showed up. He emailed USMA rep who said that he has it in his file.
Seems to be a common problem! Thanks for letting me know that it's not a USMA error and that it just happens! Good luck to you and your DS!