LOA to Appointment Time Frame


Nov 22, 2016
Hello all! In late December I received notice from the Academy that I had been granted a Letter of Assurance. It was conditional on my DoDMERB becoming qualified. Last week my portal updated stating that I was indeed medically qualified. I was wondering what the time frame typically is for my USNA portal to switch from Letter of Assurance to Offer of Appointment? Thanks!
Probably this week. It was a Holiday yesterday, so that slowed things a bit.
The thing to remember is that it's a sure thing. You WILL receive an Offer of Appointment, so relax and it will come.
Congratulations. June 28th is 128 days away.
Congratulations. My daughter is in the same boat. Did they ever tell you why you were waiting in DoDMRB? She had her physical in January and was not told anything wrong but it hasn’t been cleared. I am hoping it’s because I’ve heard the system crashed but this must be the case since you heard in February. She got an LOA very end off february and has a nomination.
mcneill18d - You never reported back!
May we assume that you received an offer and have accepted?