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Feb 2, 2008
Hi everyone!
I know that all of you are highly qualified candidates, so I thought you would be able to answer my question. Does anyone who is not a recruited athlete ever get an LOA. I have decent ec's and I am on Varsity Tennis with a blackbelt in Ninjitsu, but I am definitely not a recruited athlete. Besides working on my grades, is there any way that I would have a chance at an LOA (i.e what are the SAT/ACT scores for an LOA?) Thanks!
My d received a LOA last year. She was not a recruited athlete. She had good gpa, test scores, and ECs. Well rounded.

What year are you applying for? Class of 2012?
Im prior service and I got an LOA so I don't think it's just recruited athletes. My SAT's were 1910.
Think of an LOA as West Point's version of Early admission. They target candidates who are highly qualified. Many candidates who are not recreited athletes receive LOA's some because their academic qualifications and achievements are so high and others because they fit the highly qualified Scholar/Athlete/Leader profile.
It can be difficult to tell why one candidate gets an LOA and another does not - but I will tell you this - seek an appointment, not just an LOA. Relative to all appointments offered very few candidates get an LOA.
I received an LoA in October. I had 2000 SAT and 3.5 GPA. Varsity Baseball captain senior year.