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    I've heard from a few reliable (at least in my opinion!) sources that some LOAs are given out at NASS if a participant performs above and beyond. I was just wondering if this has any validity to it. If it is true, how many are given out and how does one need to perform to have a chance at getting the LOA at NASS?
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    Based on last year's timeline, I'd say that is downright impossible. The application opened the day after Session I of NASS last year. If a candidate was given an LOA at NASS, it would mean a conditional appointment without a single submitted document for the application. An appointment without transcripts, recommendations, BGO interview, essay, activities record, etc.? Impossible. And I daresay there is nothing you could possibly be so awesome at doing during NASS that would warrant an appointment with essentially no application.

    Seriously, don't go to NASS looking to pick up brownie points in the hopes of earning the "most freaking awesome candidate ever" award. Yes, they actually give those out at the end. No, it doesn't really help you, from what I've seen.

    Funny, seems like only yesterday that I too was crazy about those LOAs.
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    For what it is worth, whoever signed my son's LOA wrote something to the effect of 'The midshipmen tell me you did a great job over the summer...hope to see you in the Brigade next year' by hand under the signature. Maybe he just wrote that for kicks, but I wouldn't go so far to say that what you do in the summer doesn't matter at all. His company commander sought out my wife when we picked him up at the end and told him 'he would really fit in here.' He doesn't have to say that; a simple 'nice to meet you' would have sufficed.

    However, what you don't do if you do go to NASS probably matters. That is, don't set a mattress on fire and fling it out a Bancroft window while mugging for Youtube. That might hurt your chances.

    As you will all learn as you all go through life, someone is always paying attention to your performance. Don't freak out; but put your best foot forward. If nothing else, NASS is a great opportunity to bang out your CFA.
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