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    I recently read an article on location, and how it factors into getting accepted to a service academy. I am from Vermont (landlocked state in New England, population is around 600,000, no naval bases, not a big "navy state" but the USMC is popular) Is being from Vermont an advantage/ is it less competitive?
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    I just posted a response on another thread regarding most competitive districts. I would suspect that Vermont is a lot like my state. While the admissions standards are the same, and I suspect that the persons being accepted from Vermont have the same qualifications as any other district, it is likely that you are competing with fewer candidates, and that could be an advantage.
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    Variations of this type of question are frequently asked. Your parents aren't likely to relocate to some other part of the country considered 'less competitive' just to help get you a NOM since you can only apply for a NOM in area where you reside. The admissions standards for being 3Q are the same nationwide. The reality is most everything about applying to the SA's is a competition since there are far more applicants than available appointments. Your time would be better spent focusing on the things you CAN control and also pursuing a plan B option in the event things don't work out. There will be no lack of well-meaning friends/relatives/neighbors or even the postman who will provide you all sorts of dubious advice about applying even if they have no idea what they are talking about.
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