LOE 3Q letter


Mar 3, 2017
I received an LOE today and it also said I was 3q'd. My question is the visit recommended? Does anyone have any experience with the visit.
Your other posts indicate you are applying to several of the SA's. I would seriously consider visiting anywhere you are applying. If USMA offers the CVW type visit, it provides a better look at actual cadet life versus just taking a public tour.
DS waited until he was admitted to have his overnight visits to USMA and USNA. He felt the visits helped him make his final decision. (We didn't want to pay for the trips if he wasn't going to get appointments)
DS overnighted [after receiving appointment] and got some good insight into reality of USMA. If you can swing it do it; I know travel time and cost factors in but its a life altering decision for you to make.
Also visited USAFA but just a day tour; no overnight available in April [also after appointment.]
It was a hectic [and expensive] couple weeks in late March / early April but felt he really ought to visit both.
My DD did her overnight earlier this week, and it was time well spent. Had a chance to talk with a number of plebes as well as upper class cadets, and was able to sit in on classes on both days. I think that being able to speak with some of the cadets and get some thoughts on life at USMA was the biggest piece, and like others have said, if time and $$ allow, I would definitely encourage it.