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    Hello, I received a Letter of Encouragement in the mail and was informed by the regional coordinator for West Point over the phone that I was the "#1 candidate in my district." I am scheduled for an overnight visit in January. I also received a nomination to West Point from my Representative, however their office would not tell me if I was the primary nominee.

    1. When I was told my status in the "district," does that mean Congressional district?

    2. How positive of a sign are Letters of Encouragement? I know the letter says I'm qualified but how many candidates get these letters?

    3. At this point what can I do to help my file?

    Thanks Bob
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    Yes, this means your congressioanl district.
    When the LOEs first came out in late September, only 150 had come out. The numbers have obviously increased, but I'll leave you (and others) to speculate on how many have gone out since then.
    Continue to update your file with awards/achivements until the portal closes! This was stressed (very highly) at my congressional nom interview.

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