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Jun 25, 2007
Hi everyone! Marty here, my son Chase is a junior in high school.

I want to know the best route from here to there. I am a private pilot with instrument rating and we have a plane. Not the one in the avatar.

Chase wants to fly, I have been talking with him about options......

How do most decide which branch to go to?
We live in Ohio a bit north of Dayton. Where could we find some stories of how YOU did it?

Thanks for any help... We have a lot to learn here and we are going to start reading some posts.... Just wanted to prepare all of you for the stupid questions!:biggrin:
Is it true what they say? "There are two types of pilots: those who have had a wheels up landing and those who will." :redface:

Lots of 'serious' candidates who rising high school seniors will apply for the academies' summer seminars or introduction programs. Attendees get plenty of instruction about the missions and careers of the respective services. Not only that, but they get a little taste of the academy experience.

My son attended the Coast Guard's program, AIM, and loved it. I believe that week filled him with the motivation necessary to pursue the application process all the way to the end.
If he simply wants to fly, there are lots of options. There are several aviation-oriented colleges in addition to Embry Riddle where students graduate with commercial and CFI ratings.

The traditional building of flight time>>>CFI>>>More Hours>>>>More Ratings>>>Airlines still seems to work.

If he wants to fly, serve his country also, and is willing to suffer the rigors of a SA experience, I would probably recomment the AFA as the ideal choice. But don't go into it cold. As you have commenced, and as the Commish has stated, learn all you can about this route.
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