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Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by Streak31, Apr 30, 2009.

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    Hello I have a Falcon Foundation Scholarship to MMI and am not quite sure what to expect. Family can't make it down to MMI for a visit so I feel a little in the dark. But then I'm also looking at doing NROTC and the Honors College at ODU and then trying to go USNA. Which sounds better? Any suggestions?
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    Which service do you want to go to after an academy? If you want Air Force, then use your Falcon Foundation scholarship. If you want Navy, it sounds like your ODU plan is the best. Good luck.
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    My daughter went to MMI sight unseen. I strongly suggest that you call Col Lewis and speak with him. He is a great guy and can answer a lot of your questions.

    What to expect - MMI is small. The town of Marion is very small and in a very rural section of Alabama. My daughter didn't know what to expect either and had never spent a significant amount of time in the South.
    Go to the website and check it out - there are lots of photos.
    There are about 400 kids there and about 100 are in the SAP. The rest are split between basic cadets (no military commitment) and ECP cadets.
    Their ROTC program is very strong and they have AFROTC. They went to UA for some AF stuff and even to CS for a football game.

    The SAP kids all got quite close as they had their classes together. My daughter made friends with a bunch of kids who are now at AF, Navy and CG as well as WP.

    If you play in your school band then consider joining band. You get a little scholarship and a couple of extra trips.
    You can have a car but if you don't have one it isn't a problem to get rides. A lot of cadets have cars and you can go to the movies in Tuscaloosa on the weekends or out to eat.
    As for your decision - I already addressed that in the other thread.
    Good Luck.

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