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    I just joined the forum today, I am an Army Vietnam veteran and the father of a 2005 graduate. My son is currently a Special Forces Captain. I am interested in info about Maj. Paul Belmont who was or is currently stationed at West Point. He was featured in a History Channel program called Lee & Grant. In his title, he was listed as Paul Belmont,Maj, LG. USMA. What does the LG stand for?
    Thanks & thank you for your service.
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    There are two MAJ Belmonts at West Point right now...

    Paul Belmont works in the history department, I believe. I work in the admissions department. It is easy to tell us apart... I am good-looking and he is highly intelligent :biggrin: Just kidding... we're both good-looking and intelligent! Contact me via email using the West Point admissions website and I'll put you in touch with the other guy.

    By the way... LG stands for "logistics" it's a new branch... once quartermaster, ordnance, and transportation lieutenants and captains go to the captains' career course, they become "logisticians" and are part of the "logistics" branch... or something like that.

    -MAJ Belmont, Jonathan (one each).
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