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    So a few months back i had my eye on the Naval Academy. But i guess i knew all along that im in this for the ocean, not for the military. I want to go into the navy, but when im out of it (however long that may be), i dont want some desk job. I want to continue working on ships and such. I had my eye on SUNY Maritime, but it just dawned on me i overlooked The Merchant Marine Academy. The year at sea sounds amazing. The experience of just that is enough to make me want to go there. Ive read very little as of yet, but i do plan on doing my research (plus visiting it soon). But i do have a question or two.

    How early should i start mailing requesting for nominations? Im in my junior year.

    Does NJROTC look good? I know i cant get a direct nomination to USMMA from it like i can with USNA, but will it lean in my favor a bit?

    How do i look? At the end of my sophomore year it was 3.5. Im taking two science and two math courses this year, along with NJROTC. Ill have 200+ hours of community service by the time i need it, Im on Debate team, and on the Orienteering team. Havent taken the SAT yet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Saul,

    You're in a good position now to start the nomination process. I started gathering info when I was at about your stage in HS. The application process to KP is lengthy, but easy to get done, if you give yourself enough time (which you are). Take it in sections, make a list of what needs to be done and be thorough (especially when it comes to the medical/DODMERB stuff).

    Start at least looking at the process that your senators and representative use for SA nominations. Some will take applications now, some may make you wait. I formally contacted my representative in the spring of my junior year and was acknowledged but "put-off" until the fall of my senior year when the actual nomination board met and I went in for my interview. It certainly doesn't hurt to get your name in early. Worst they will do is tell you to contact them later.

    Use this time to schedule an overnight visit to KP (day visit is okay, but overnight is definitely preferred). I did this during my spring break junior year.

    So, in short, I started the whole process the late winter/early spring of my junior year and didn't feel rushed. You are in an even better position, but take advantage of the time. Go over application material, start looking at all of the requirements and go from there. Also, find a local admissions rep (alumni), let them know you're serious about this and they will be glad to help you with any questions about the school or the application process. They can also get you in contact with mids who are home on break or making HS visits.

    I know nothing about the effect (if any) JROTC would have on your application. I can't believe that it would hurt at all. I do know, though, about how mids look at recruits who wear their JROTC uniforms to visits.... (that's another discussion).

    Your grades and activities look good. Don't let up though. KP will see every grade you get through your HS graduation, even if you've already been "accepted".

    Good luck and be sure to look over this site for lots more info in the archives.
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    If it is at all possible visit the school for an overnight visit. The admissions office is very helpful. start the pprocess of training for the CFA, getting good SAT/ACT grades and attend your local Academy night. The boards are also a great resource. Post or PM with any questions you have. GOOD LUCK with the process jut take it one step at a time.

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