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    In an effort to do more than stalk the site, which I've found invaluable by the way, I guess I'll jump in. DS is an MOC nominated senior in PA-15, a bit disappointed by the competitive, but not principle, nomination, but ever hopeful. NROTC remains under review. The layers of rules, regs, theories, and rumors that apply to the process of a SA appointment (beginning with a NASS decline and a CVW invite) have been eye-opening, to say the least. A "regular college" applicant has no idea. My thanks to the participants and moderators for the candid replies and helpful info.

    One area that I've not seen opinion is regarding "other" LOR's. They were neither required nor declined. DS has had some very kind folks who know him well, write on his behalf. I can only assume that the English and Math teacher's letters pale in comparison. Several from retired Navy higherups. Can he expect any impact from them, or are they just an extra sprinkle?

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