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Mar 20, 2008
Hello everyone, I am a Junior in high school working on being accepted into either USAFA or AFROTC. Just one problem though... I got my SAT scores back yesterday, and they are very low. :frown:

Critical Reading 530
Math 570
Writing 510
Multiple Choice 58 (score range: 20-80)
Essay 4 (score range: 2-12)
(I write good essays if I have time to think about them. For the SAT, you only have 20 minutes:thumbdown:)

I was in good hopes until these scores came in, now I've lost all hope for a career as an officer.

My dream for the past 2 years have been to go into the Air Force to become a pilot, and I have great character, smarts, and a lot of determination. I just do not do well on tests such as the SAT, which asks me about subjects that I haven't been taught well in.

I am still going to apply for a congressional nomination, but after these low grades, I feel like I am wasting my time. On the USAFA website, it talks about how they grade people based on the "whole person" concept. But does that even make up for the low grades I've received?
chickenwing, you still have plenty of time to re-take this test. You might want to try the ACT's to see if you would do better on that. You shouldn't lose hope so quick.

Your SAT scores were actually higher than mine, I don't remember off the top of my head but if you compared it to the ACT's, it would've been a 19. On the ACT's, I got a 22. I believe if you have an excellent whole person concept but slightly deficient in academics (test scores for example), they'll offer prep school/foundation. Apply for the nomination anyways, you need it to be considered for an appointment.

I was fortunate to get NAPS despite my test scores. I applied from college as a freshmen though. So I encourage you to apply, who knows, you could get the prep school at USAFA or the foundation. Good luck to your future endeavors!
Take the ACT, most people they do better on one or the other. My son liked ACT much better.

You have time
Keep taking it! You WILL improve every time you take it if you study for it.

My son's math score went from 570 to 660 to 730 to 780 in 4 tests.

If you are as committed as you say, then sitting for the SAT test 2 or 3 more times is a small price.
May 3rd and June 7th are the next two SATs...start studying! There are many online courses and other courses, if you can, try those - if not try some old fashion books...you will definitely go up on your next test! Don't be discouraged:wink: You'll be fine. Show the academy your dedication by kicking a** on the next SAT you take! Good Luck!
Is this the first time you've taken the test? The first time I took it (October 2007) I got a 520 Math, 520 CR, and 540 Writing, 6 essay. But every time I've taken it since then my score has risen a bit. Take it definently more than once because you're score is almost guaranteed to rise.

Don't give up hope!
OK I'm going to buy a SAT study book from the bookstore this weekend. You guys sure know how to cheer someone up :rolleyes:
when you buy a book, find one that has the least BS. SAT books are generally a lot of crap. the SAT isn't about what you know but mechanics.
All you need to do is practice and practice. The biggest thing that you need to do is just do problems over and over and over and over again so that when you see a problem you know exactly at which angle to attack it. No need to get a book, but just take practice tests over and over. Make sure you also go to collegeboard.com and sign up for the SAT question of the day. It'll email you a question every day and show you the answer, what a great way to start your day!

One last thing, ask your math/literature teacher for advice on what to work on. They can be very useful.
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