LOST in a pile of paperwork!! S.O.S.

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by ROTCDAD2011, Sep 30, 2011.

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    As a parent I can tell you that dealing with the waiver p[process is a bureaucratic nightmare. I am stuck and can't seem to make any progress. For the past 60 days I keep hearing "the file is on the doc's desk" and were not sure when he will be able to review it. My son's request is not complicated or difficult. It's a simple review of the test results, surgeon's complete release for unrestricted activity and results of tests administered by the physical therapist to evaluate performance.

    Can anyone give me some advice as to how to move the process forward and get someone to look at the file?

    I'm afraid with DodMerb/Cadet Command beginning to focus all of their attention on the class of 2012, my son's request will never get reviewed and acted.

    Advice? Help?
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    Sounds like your son is a ROTC cadet who is waiting to contract??

    If so, he needs to get his PMS or ROO to make contact with Cadet Command and push the process forward. Also have you called DoDMERB directly?
    If they are telling you it's on the doc's desk they mean it's at CC waiting for them to move - their hands are tied.
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    As has been posted many times... any medical waiver does not come through DoDmerb, but through whatever service academy or ROTC branch where your son or daughter has been accepted. In my daughter's case, the timeline seemed like forever.....DoDmerb completed in July (DQ'D), EA applications completed in early November, conditional appointment granted in early December to the USCGA.
    It was then just shy of (6) months before we received a final answer on her waiver request.
    I guess my point is this...all we can do as parents is help in providing the information requested, be patient, and do everything we can to support our son/daughter, including the much discussed "Plan B".

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