Low quarters?

you are on the ball man, i couldn't tell you. they do look very nice though

what do we have to bring to R-Day though??
and what are things we shouldn't bring?
Yes, but oh my gosh! Don't buy these! Wait until your boot/shoe authorization letter shows up. Get them at a military base or online and they will be much much cheaper.

You will get a list of things to bring to R-Day. You will wear your low quarters with black socks. You will pack your running shoes and boots.

There are other things you will want to bring as well.
You will get a list - honestly you could show up empty handed and be okay.

Somethings off the top of my head -
Bring your paperwork - copies of everything you send including immunization records, your direct deposit information.
Any prescription medicine you are taking.
A sport watch (a cheap timex is fine)
A Leatherman or Gerber multi tool.
A couple of small packages of baby wipes (for when you are in the field)
They will issue you a toothbrush, deodorant or you can bring your own. You can also buy it in the C-Store.
Bring your wallet, your atm card and some cash - less than $100 for the C-Store.

Don't bother bringing your contacts - unless you are in a Corps squad sport. If your parents are coming leave your cell phone with them - they can bring it on A-day.
are these ones ok?
Bates Leather Uniform Oxford

I want to have plenty of time to break them in so I'm trying to get them now.

I definitely agree with Just a Mom - wait 'till you get your authorization letter, and get them at a military base. Sizes are very odd for these, for some reason, so you may have problems if you rely on ordering them online. As I recall, we went to the 2 bases in the Atlanta area, and neither had the size he needed - did have one size lower, and one size larger than he needed. We narrowed it down, then used the authorization letter to order them online (forget the website now...). My son normally wears a size 10, but I think we ended up getting them in an 8.5.

I'd also definitely recommend getting a quality shoe insert like the "superfeet"


I put them in all my backpacking shoes / boots. My son said they have made a big difference in wearing the low quarters.
FYI - the Bates shoes are $69.95 through military sales (AAFES). I am assuming the authorization letter entitles you to that price.