Lurked, now joined


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Feb 18, 2018
Hello from NJ! DS has put his whole heart and being into becoming a naval officer in a few years. As his mom (dad reads over my shoulder), i’ve long been aware that we’re just along for the ride.

My son has applied solely to the Navy: SA, NROTC, and plans C thru E vary from walk-on for ROTC, NUPOC, or OCS (should the six schools at the top of his list fail to come thru for him - oy!). He’s looking at nuclear engineering or chemical engineering as an undergrad major, depending on what school he attends next fall.

This child’s flight from home will leave an empty nest. This and the unusual process for a SA have made this a anxious or grueling (even those aren’t quite the right words) process for us, his parents. A few weeks ago I came across this site and only wish now that I’d known about it a year earlier!

The upbeat tone, great information, and obvious support on this site have inspired me to join. As we anticipate becoming a Navy family (however that happens), we hope to provide these same things to others as well.

Our families have scattered members throughout the tree who have served (army/WWII pilots, Marines, seabees, calvary, etc), but we’ve never thought of ourselves as a “military family”. Our families just believe deeply in service to society. Although I confess I think the IHM Sisters got to DS at an early age as well! ;)

So someday a few years hence I look forward to telling you’all that DS got his first sub posting. In the meantime, I like to ask DS why he wants to be SpongeBob and live in a pineapple under the sea?!

(I promise to be a less verbose poster in the future)