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    Alright this might seem like a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway.

    On the bottom of the police record check form it says to mail to "director of admissions, United States Military Academy, 606 Thayer Road, West Point NY 10996" but all of the grey envelopes are addressed to "Directorate of Admissions, United States Military Academy, 646 Thayer Road, West Point NY 10996"

    Should the grey envelopes be used for the police background check?
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    not sure either

    From web site:
    To send regular mail:
    West Point Admissions
    Building 606
    West Point, NY 10996

    GPS Address:
    606 Thayer Road
    West Point, NY 109

    Hope the top one is OK...this was the address seventh semester transcript sent to. There is another location on site that says to include Thayer Road when mailing items so am hoping the transcript makes it to admissions since it was requested last week, though already sent...
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    Please read the directions carefully for mailing the police report. In the "Instructions for Candidates Offered Admission" that my cadet had, it specifically says that the Police Dept. or Sheriffs Dept. need to mail the report after completing it. My cadet turned it in with a self-addressed (the address on the form), stamped envelope and the police department mailed it. My cadet did keep tabs on it to make sure it arrived at West Point.

    Also make sure you get reports from all of the jurisdictions that pertain to you. The Instructions spell that out too.

    Make sure you read the directions carefully for all of the items you will be sending. I have suggested before that you print out the Instruction file, even though it is a lot of pages, because you will refer to it over and over.

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