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    So this fall I will be starting at Maine Maritime Academy. I've probably poured through every nook and cranny of their website and have learned a lot over the past 2 or 3 months. I was just wondering if anybody had some personal experience with MMA.

    Anything I can expect that I can't see from the website?

    Do students in the regiment wear uniform every day or just once a week like normal NROTC?

    Should I be talking to anyone right now if I plan on reapplying for USNA this year, and if so, who?

    I might have more questions later but that's it for now. Any advice is appreciated. :thumb:
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    I am going to SUNY Maritime College. I don't know how it is in Maine but from my understanding in SUNY you wear uniforms pretty much for a good portion of the day, when you are a Mug (Freshmen).

    My plan is to reapply at USMMA and USCGA. I might go for USMA as well.
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    I wish someone could help the OP, but the State Maritime Academies don't get a lot of discussion on here. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about MMA, but I hope someone will.

    I visited MMA when I was a high school kid, and I decided that the curriculum wasn't for me. I remember the town of Castine being very small, although I did like some of the campus facilities. I saw the old Training Ship (this was like 1994 or so), and remember the students as being friendly and excited to give me a tour.

    I think you will wear your uniforms to class during the week if you are in the Regiment. Thus, if I recall correctly from the admissions brief I got over 15 years ago, it is a bit more involved than at a "regular college" ROTC unit. From my understanding, the Regiment is not as intense as one of the SAs or SMCs. The focus is on the maritime aspect of the place as opposed to the military; however, it is not without regimental responsibilities. Quite frankly, I see the State Maritimes as having the right idea in this department.

    Being that you are in NROTC, you'll get plenty of military exposure there if that's what you want. I do like that MMA and the other State schools (SUNY, Cal Maritime, etc.) do not require cadets/mids to do ROTC or the MMR program. I think it's good to leave that option to those who want it, and allow the focus of the school's curriculum to be on the commercial shipping industry.

    This is all I can address. I really do hope someone else on here can help you with more of the specific questions. It would be great if the State Maritime Academies got a little more press on here.
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