Maine Maritime


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Feb 16, 2007
Does anyone know the statistics of Maine Maritime?

For instance, average entering GPA, SAT scores, class rank, etc.

I couldn't find the info anywhere on college board, etc.

And those of you who attended or are a student now, how do you like it? Was it difficult to get accepted? What were your stats? What do you suggest?
Maine Maritime Academy - not far from either Bangor or the beautiful tourist trap known as Bar Harbor. Where the ocean temperature peaks at 60 deg in the summer and you learn to dive in and get used to it quickly!
Great area for about two weeks in July! :wink:
Just kidding of course - the Maine coast is truly a natual wonder.

school website:

found this on the school website:
825 motivated students
90% + professional job placementwith great salaries
75 companies offering co-op experiences
60 training/research/recreation vessels& active waterfront
52 experienced faculty
35 acre campus in a safe community
25 campus clubs, organizations, and teams
13 superb academic programs
5 professional licenses
3 degrees - Associate, Bachelor, Master
2 ROTC options- Navy/ Marine Corps and Army
1 ocean
And a big ocean it is!


If you are into that sort of thing -US News ranking:

Interestingly - they rank higher than SUNY-Maritime
Being a Maine resident (Peaks Island), I've heard a lot of good things about it from some one of my cousins who went there. Said it was a great education, good campus, and excellent career opportunities after he graduated.