Major problem?


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Nov 5, 2008
About a year ago, i saw a psychiatrist for ocd. I was perscribed medication, however i never took it. Im completely fine now, i believe it was just one of those teenage phases everyone goes through at one point. My question is, will this disqualify me from the Academy as well as the military as a whole?

Thank you
To vague a statement. If you want a more accurate assessment, you may send an email to me at You may send me a copy of the medcial records frome the date of diagnosis to present. Then, we'll be better suited to address your concerns.:thumb:
U have asked me through private email to answer your question without sending me any details or providing me the last 4 of your SSN. Now that I know that you have NOT applied yet, the last 4 of your SSN wouldn't matter. I had no way of knowing that before.

Your inability to provide details to me at, does not bode well for your being accepted to any Academy or ROTC program. Upon applying, you would be required to reveal your complete medical history. The whole purpose of the website and my making myself available to folks, is to accurately answer their questions and provide them the best assessment possible. But only having 10% of the story from a non-physician, is like having no information at all.

The facts, as provided by you, that YOU were treated by a psychaitrist for OCD....were prescribed medicine, but YOU did not take it....and then YOU determined that you are fine now...and YOU determine that is must have been a teenage phase....I could not possibly help you under these circumstances. I would not know the extent of your condition and if determined to NOT meet medical standards, there is no provision to disucss and assess whether or not you could receive a medical waiver. If you change your mind, you know how to reach me...