Major Switch


Sep 13, 2016
In regards to Air Force and Army ROTC degree selection, they have a drop-down list of mostly all majors you can select on the application. My #1 major (Aeronautical Science) is a unique major that is only offered at a few schools. The question I'm asking is if I am awarded a scholarship, will I be able to switch the major? The tuition for AS and aeronautical engineering are the same (aside from the flight fees which I know ROTC does not cover), the PMS at my #1 university also said that it shouldn't be a problem considering its still a STEM career that would be ranked in the tier 1 majors. I just want to know if anyone has any insight to this situation and if it would fly with ROTC or not.
Well I'd trust the rep for ROTC that you talked to. They're already the best source for if it's fine or not.

You're going from AS to AE right? AE is actually probably higher on the food chain than AS...some of the sciences for reasons unknown to me do not fall into the STEM category for Air Force. I couldn't tell you which b/c the last time I looked at it was a long time ago.

The PMS says you'll be fine. You'll be fine. So long as your major is still in the category for which you received your degree, you can change to it and keep the scholarship.