Majors & ADSCs


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May 16, 2016
While I'm pretty sure a quick answer exists, something on the USAFA web site confuses me about how the selection of a major can influence ADSC slots.

As you can see on the USAFA website:

the description of the aero engineer major also includes a list of 3 "potential job assignments" (11X, 62E, and 63X). Despite this description, I'm assuming that any aero engineer major can also bid for other ADSCs as well. (Again, I understand that the "needs of Big Blue" trump anything and everything.) By contrast, the systems engineer major description page includes far more ADSCs (including RPA pilot--18X). I take it that an otherwise pilot-qualified candidate can't strategically "avoid" the "threat" of receiving an RPA slot by majoring in aero rather than systems engineering and I'm assuming that I'm simply misunderstanding the USAFA majors pages.
Assuming you mean AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) not ADSC (Active Duty Service Commitment) the short answer is you are right. The longer more useful answer is that some AFSCs have degree requirements, and preferred courses. Take a look here
for a good list. For example, look at 61 careers and you'll see some fairly specific requirements, while other jobs have none. Hope that helps.
Thanks, USAFA10--and you're right, I meant to write "AFSC." And the document makes perfect sense.
This is more from observation and discussion than written guidance, but your major often does not have a lot of bearing on your AFSC, especially coming out of USAFA. I believe any major can go pilot (RPA or otherwise) and there are very few mainstream AFSCs that have major specific requirements. For the most part, your class rank is going to be the primary thing used to determine whether you get your first choice AFSC.