Making it as a transfer student at VMI

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    I received my appointment back in december and have slowly slacked off throughout this semester at ODU. Last semester I got a 2.6 for my GPA and this semester I will probably be in a similar range. The thing is I'm pretty terrified that if I dont get at least a 3.0 this semester, VMI will reject my final transcript. This would be pretty devastating because I'm relying heavily on getting financial aid from the Institute since me and my family dont have much money. So if anyone could tell what the likelihood is of me being rejected based on my final transcript that would be extremely helpful.
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    I would suggest you relax a bit- I believe that you will be ok. I'm not an admissions officer at VMI but I am pretty confident that if you have a 2.6 GPA at Old Dominion this semester and you did so last semester as well - VMI is not going to rescind their acceptance letter. As far as what a 2.6 will do to offers of financial aid that you might have received- I can't knowledgably comment on. However if you are on an ROTC scholarship- 2.5 is what you need to retain your scholarship.

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