making my application more competitive


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Jul 23, 2008
im a soon to be high school sophomore and was wondering how to make my application look more competitive

my school is a christian private school
-math- H Geometry as freshman, H Algebra II as sophomore, then H pre cal and AP Calculus as senior
science- H biology as freshman, H chemistry as sophomore, ap chemistry as junior ad Ap physics as senior
history- H world geography as freshman, H world history this year, ap government and ap us history as junior and ap european history as senior
english- H english, H english 10, Ap english 11 and ap english 12

i play baseball for my high school and for a competitive summer team.
this year i was elected jv team chaplain
-football freshman year
-ambassador for my school, only 10 ambassadors out of class of 150
-taking leadership class offered by towns chamber of commerce
-going to national youth leadership forum on national security in fall
-active in church youth group
-member of FCA and government club
- done some mission work through class bible study

any advice on what to add to be more competitive in the application process would be helpful!!
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You seem to be on the right track with all your mentioned courses and activities. Offers are made based on what is termed a Whole Candidate Score. Sixty per cent of this score is apportioned according to your transcript and SAT/ACT scores. Thirty per cent is derived from leadership development activities (President or officer of this, Captain of that, etc.). The remaining 10% reflects your score on the physical fitness test that is part of the application. Obviously, then, if you can punch up your grades and test well with the SAT or ACT (or both) you greatly enhance your chances, assuming the rest is in order. Also, you must pass a rigorous physical exam by a local doctor, approved by the military, that shows you are in good condition and have NO history of chronic illness or deformity, especially anything reflecting on respiratory or heart problems. NO asthma, whatsoever any time in the past, regardless if you are now "clean."
especially anything reflecting on respiratory or heart problems. NO asthma, whatsoever any time in the past, regardless if you are now "clean."

not to get off topic as I am not sure this relates to the original post - In some cases a History of Asthma is waiverable. My daughter was DQ'd by dodmerb for a history of asthma and received a waiver from USMA and AROTC.

jswat - your academics are very similar to what my daughter took in high school.
If you can try and visit.
It probably isn't a bad idea to take your PSAT in 10th and 11th grade. Start taking the SAT early so you will have time to improve your score.
Plan on applying to SLS in your junior year.
Good Luck!
I took the PSAT my freshman year and i dont remember all of the scores but i got third in my class of around 150 and scored better than 87% of juniors that took it. Again i dont remember the scores but i do remember the percentages
You may want to look into attending your state's American Legion Boys State between your jr. and sr. year of high school. This is a week-long summer program held for those who've just completed their junior year, and sponsorship comes from local American Legion posts. It is highly regarded by the service academies (as is Eagle Scout) and will add weight to your whole candidate score.

Usually your guidance office will have this information at hand...if they do not (as ours didn't), then you may have to be a bit more aggressive in getting more information via internet.

*Just a hint* - start on this early if your local Am. Leg. post is not very active: it may take awhile to get the information and paperwork... we started asking a year in advance before we got the right connections to get the ball rolling. Our post was happy to send someone, but our school acted as if they knew nothing about it, even though they had the paperwork in their possession!
AmLeg Boy's State Questions

would it be during when SLS is held? what do you do at the program, how much does it cost?how and when do you sign up and how early should you apply?
Link to the American Legion information about Boys State:

In some cases it does conflict with SLS. My son applied for both and would have had to make a choice between the two if he had been selected to attend both. The decision was made for him since he was not selected for SLS. He attended Boys State.

The cost will depend upon your American Legion post. In our case it was free except for the bus fee to get to and from Boys State.
The dates may very well conflict with SLS. However, someone on one of these forums called admissions and asked what they should do if chosen for both and they conflicted. The answer from the admisisons office: no question, Boys State! Points are given in the Whole Candidate score for Boys State, but not for SLS. That sounds backwards, I know, but I have heard that from more than one source.

Basically, ALBS is a week-long hands-on shortcourse in government. Attendees learn nomination procedures and run for state gov't positions in a ficticious state (based on the governmental structure of the state they reside in). They also have many guest speakers, including retired military personnel who challenge those attending to be active in community service and service to country. There were parts my son did not really enjoy, but ironically, they are some of the things he is also now experiencing at WP as a new cadet in Beast!
In my son's case. he was able to attend Boys State and SLS at Navy and West Point, but it was hectic. He got home one night, repacked and was off again the next morning. We received the same info. from some one in the know - Boys State carries lots of weight with Admissions Committees. Check the Boys State web site and check with your school guidance office for information.