Making the appointment


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Nov 22, 2013
So, my son got the email from DODMERB, did his medical history questionnaire. The next step, according to the instructions, is to call and schedule the appointments. Called the provider listed this morning and was told "We don't have his paperwork yet. Concorde will fax it." Is this accurate? It seemed to me like we were to make the appointment, fill in the information about the appointment day and time, and THEN the provider would get the paperwork. Have I understood that incorrectly?
DoDMERB and Concorde do not move very quickly; check back every few days. When DS made his appointment last year there were only selected time slots when they processed DoDMERB exams; I assumed there is a trained / qualified individual who was on duty at those times. Place we went was a generic strip mall walk in clinic that appeared to get 90% of their business from employment drug screenings.
Be patient and don't stress - you still have plenty time.