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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by 2013MidDad, Nov 28, 2012.

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    It's been a good week.

    She comes home for Thanksgiving, she learns that she is to be a Company Commander in the Spring, and today she gets what she has been working toward for a long time: Marine Corps Ground.

    Now I get the honor of getting her a Mameluke Sword.

    Any advice? If there are any options to consider, would be looking for traditional and quality.

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    Congratulations to your daughter.

    As I recall one of the best places to order the sword is the Midstore. It's hard to make it a surprise as they have to be measured for it. The other place to get it is the Marine Store at Quantico when she is measured for all her Marine uniforms.

    Wait till graduation, when you will see her in her Marine Dress blues for the first time. It will take your breath away just like it did the first time you saw her in summer whites at the end of plebe summer. But the effect is greater because school is over and this is the real world.
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    There are two places to buy uniforms for USMC selectees... Marine Shop and the Quanitco Exchange. Traditionally both places come up to the Academy and will fit all the selectees and ensure they have all the uniform seabag requirements. They will fit her for a sword also. Most selectees buy their swords through these places. Its been awhile since I bought mine, but was in the $800-$900 range from what I remember, but could be wrong. Your daughter will get advice from the Marine Officers on the yard on what she needs and best places to make the purchases. Hurricane12 can probably provide more updated information if this process has changed. Best advice, ask your daughter, she can guide you. My parents bought mine for me as a graduation gift and it this worked out pretty well. Congrats to your daughter! Its a big day. Best of luck to her and tell her Welcome to the Corps!
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    I agree...there are really 2 places that Marines get uniforms and accessories. The Marine Shop in Q-town (aboard the base of Quantico) is really the better place to go. They are a little pricier; however, I feel the customer service is better. We have purchased uniforms from both the exchange and The Marine Shop and the quality is comparable. The exchange uniform shop is also on the base of Quantico; however, it is at TBS. Here is the link to both places for you...good luck to your DD, :biggrin:

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