MANY BIIIG thanks to Mr Mullen!!!!


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Nov 13, 2008
Hi guys,

I would just like to thank Mr Larry Mullen of the DoDMERB publicly for his detailed help!!!
I had a lot of questions regarding the DoDMERB - the exam, the procedure and so on, as well as getting it done in Europe, which is specific to me.
Though not an easy case and although I bombarded him with questions for the past 70min, he's been really, really helpful, responsive and thorough!!! He even helped me prepare for what is *hopefully* to come in future during the app process to USNA, and he offered to get in contact with my parents to sort everything out :smile:
I honestly have learned a lot more about not just DoDMERB, but also applying to the Academies - and I got the help in a fun, joking (congrats one last time :yllol:) environment!

I think we should all thank him for the great help he's given us! Even though I'm new here I'm sure I'm not the only one in saying

THANK YOU MullenLE!!!!!
Absolutely. Mr. Mullen called us last night after receiving an email from us. He helped us understand the Medical Qualification process and explained that a request for additional testing is a Good thing! Our son slept better last night thanks to Mr. Mullens phone call!! Thank you!!!