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    Hi Everyone,

    Could anyone give me a brief outline of the steps you take for Marine Corps option once you get to the Academy?

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    1: Do relatively well in everything. This sounds vague and unhelpful, but what it boils down to is:
    a: A or B on the PRT (consistently)
    b: A or B in aptitude (rankings, try to be consistent)
    c: NO honor offenses (and try to avoid conduct)
    d: Probably a 2.7+ GPA. You don't really need to be a genius, but don't be Ac unsat all the time either.
    e: Try to go for leadership opportunities 2/C and 1/C year.

    2: Do well on Marine Corps things and show interest. You NEED a 225+ PFT, but should get a 270+ to be competitive. A lot of people here get 300s (perfect score) or very close. Do well on the CFT and the Obstacle Course. Your company Marine Mentor will help you achieve these things, especially towards 2/C year. Go to Semper Fi society meetings and get involved.

    3: Attend Leatherneck and perform well.

    4: Put down Marine Corps at service selection time.

    There's not a set "track," but there are wickets you should hit to improve your chances.
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    USNACandidate2012, I agree with what Hurricane12 says, but please allow me to just restate some of my thoughts previously posted a couple weeks ago:

    Prior to Service Selection, at the beginning of senior yr, midshipmen submit their preferences. You have options of Navy Surface Warfare Officer (SWO), Subs, Navy pilot, Marine Ground, Marine Air or EOD/Special Warfare etc. If you want to become a Marine Officer then put it at the top of your list.

    You'll be evaluated based off of your performance in academics, leadership, physical performance, conduct, military skills etc as the board goes through and determines where you would best serve the Navy and Marine Corps. They'll keep in mind what your preference is, but if you're obviously not a fit, then don't plan on getting that service.

    There are things you can do to boost your chances with the Marine Corps during your time at the Academy, aside from just performing well in general. Attend the summer training options that give you greater exposure to the Marine Corps, like Leatherneck or MCTRAMID. Express your desire for the Marine route to your Company Officer and Senior Enlisted Advisor and continue to seek their advice.

    There isn't a separate process at the Academy for the different services. Everyone has the same opportunities for training throughout your time at USNA regardless of the service you're trying to get. After graduation, while Navy Pilots go to flight school, Sub officers go to Nuke School and SWOs go straight to the fleet, Marine Officers go to The Basic School for 6 months to learn how to be a Marine Officer, as the saying goes "Every Marine a rifleman, every Marine Officer a rifle platoon commander". Then they go to their MOS school to learn how to do their job.

    When it comes to life in the Corps, in my opinion it's great. I'm a 1stLt in the Marine Corps, a logistics officer, and am currently deployed. I've had a blast. You'll have many choices for occupational specialty in the Corps, but you can learn about that at TBS. As a logistician, in garrison my job has had me planning battalion logistics, training Marines on running convoys as a Motor-Transport platoon commander, and even spending a month training foreign nationals on convoy operations. Deployed I've managed battalion logistics for distributed operations and lead dismounted patrols. If you have any questions about life in the Corps don't hesitate to send them my way.

    Semper Fi
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    Thanks for the info. Sent you a PM--

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