Marine Corps Service Selection


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May 15, 2014
I am sure this has been discussed before but how difficult is it to service select Marines out of the Academy. I know since the war has been winding down the demand may be winding down but I also feel as if the effect will be felt less since the entire military is downsizing. Some numbers would be nice. Does anyone know how many had it as first choice and didn't get it/what percent of 2015 will commission Marines?
Class of 2015 had ~275 selected for Marine Corps, including both ground and Air contracts. We have been told that for our class (2018), there will be ~260 spots. I can't say whether this will hold or decrease further.

They don't tell us how many specifically wanted USMC and didn't get it. They make the determination of who gets Marines over 1/C summer at Leatherneck.

Most people that I have talked to that wanted Marines (ground at least) got it. However, I wouldn't necessarily characterize it as easy to get. You have to have over a 270 pft, no honor offenses/ few conduct offenses, among other things. All the people I know have worked pretty hard for it.