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Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by jennyp, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Ok, weird situation. A young friend's new hubby is stationed in Okinawa. He was due to come stateside next week for the remainder of his contract. He is a helo ground crew chief.

    The other night, he was in barracks, drinking a few and playing x box with his buddies. Next thing he knows he is outside, apparently having fallen from a window at the end of the is 5 am and he is calling to the night guard walking by. He has broken femur, hand, foot, busted chin, cracked teeth, and punctured lung. He remembers nothing. Except that he sometimes would stand at a second story end of hall window (low sill) that was usually open, feel the breeze and watch the flight line on the base. He is in ICU, has had a rod implanted in leg, hand surgery. And, according to his mother, is feeling mightly low and down on himself as, to date, his marine record was spotless.

    His wife got a call from a buddy stating that he was in an accident and was in surgery. She and his parents spent several hours on the phone until they found him in the Navy Hospital in Okinawa.

    Bizarre situation. One wonders where his "buddies" went, or if they actually didn't miss him. Will he be disciplined? Discharged? How does the military handle such cases?
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    Way too many variables to even be able to comment. Plus we only have one side of the story and we all know there are three sides to every story.

    Hopefully he'll do well medically, that's all that anyone should really worry about at this point.

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