(Mass)MMA and Norwich University!


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Sep 12, 2006
Hey! any one applying to (Mass) MMA or Norwich? Any one attending the MMA open house in Dec or the leadership challenge weekend at Norwich University in Feb ,2007?
Im doing my rotc interview/admissions interview and attending the open house on the same day nov. 11
Anyone attening the Open House at MMA in Feb? I've attended 3. Very helpful and its funny because the open houses at like MMA a nd Norwich are always a lot larger then teh ones at like the USCGA...I wonder why that is...
CGA is more select as to it invites. The other two also are regional schools whereas CGA is national.

Copy of the Invite.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy invites you to visit our college for
our Open House on Sunday, 25 February 2007.

Our Winter Open House is scheduled to coincide with the Arrival Home
of our Cadets, Faculty and Staff from their Annual Sea Term.

If you have yet to do so, please confirm your attendance by replying
to this e-mail, calling our office or by registering online from our
website listed below. You are also encouraged to visit our website
to see what our students are doing on their Sea Term and to plan for
any changes to our Open House due to the scheduled arrival of our
Training Ship ENTERPRISE or weather conditions on that day.

Open House check in will begin at 12:30pm with the formal program
starting promptly at 1pm.

We hope that you can come to visit our college and to assist us in
welcoming home our Cadets, Faculty and Staff!
Does anyone know if when your in your company at Norwich or MMA if you are mixed with different ROTC's like if i was doing Navy could someone who is doing Army ROTC be in my company?