Massachusetts Maritime Academy's Entergy Classroom

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    The Entergy Classroom dedication recently took place on the campus of Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The new Entergy Classroom is located on the second floor of the Bresnahan Building.

    Entergy's gift of $50,000 allowed the engineering department to purchase workstation equipment and training software that is being used by both Marine Engineering and Facilities Engineering cadets. The support from Entergy is helping the Academy better prepare its future graduates for employment in the power generation and nuclear power industries.

    Many of the Academy's engineering cadets become the future leaders of our nation's nuclear industry. Approximately 14% of the workforce at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, owned by Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. and located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

    Representing Entergy's Pilgrim Station at the dedication were Kevin Bronson, Site Vice President; Robert Smith, General Manager; David Tarantino, Manager of Communications; Vincent Fallacara, Manager of Training and Development; and Donald Larson, Human Resources.

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