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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by nickolai77, Feb 14, 2010.

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    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. In regards to education after an AROTC program is completed, will the army pay for a master's degree in an area such as political science or economics that is non-technical? If so, will it be a full-scholarship at a private or public school, or will it be through one of the army's graduate programs? Are there any qualifications or merits needed to have the army pay for a master's degree after ROTC? Also, is there minimum number of years required for active duty service until the Army will pay for a master's degree? Thanks for the help. I know I have a lot of questions:smile:
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    YES! I think they actually prefer non-technical! General Petraeus got his Master of Public Administration and PhD in International Relations from Princeton.

    As for the rest - there are several different programs and ways to get graduate education from the Army. Few go right from Commissioning - I think you need to have earned a major scholarship like Rhodes or Truman.
    Most go after they make Captain.

    There is also a program called ADSO - when you commission you agree to serve an additional three years for grad school. Your service is extended but you get grad school on the Army. You need to make Capt first to take advantage of it.
    No way of knowing if the program will be intact by the time you get there.

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